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Do You Wish You Had a Secure Way to Store Files?

By: Alec Hider

Secure Way to Store Files

If you use a laptop in a business network, it needs to have a user-created password to prevent it from being broken into easily. Despite having a password, critical data on customers and business operations can quickly become compromised if someone cracks the password and gains access to the device. Having laptop encryption, in addition to antivirus and passwords, would make files nearly impossible for someone to steal. It could prevent the loss of critical information even if a device is taken.

Encryption is a process that scrambles files on your computer to make them unreadable without having the encryption key or code to put the data back together. Cybercriminals can use this method to ransom your files and will not hand over the encryption key unless the user pays a ransom. Even though files are not physically removed from your device, they will become inaccessible without the code which may cost your organization a great deal of money. 

Many healthcare professionals benefit from encryption since they work with several portable devices that thieves could easily steal. These files need to be encrypted since they are working with high amounts of personal information daily. It will protect these records in case criminals walk off with the physical device and keep company secrets away from competitors.

Most companies today have taken advantage of the Cloud’s convenience to store data and access it from anywhere. This convenience, however, makes information more vulnerable to threats. Using an encryption on private data will keep the key to your files within the organization and prevent a hacker from viewing or stealing them. 

Another method of securing data is to fully encrypt the disk drive on your device so criminals will be unable to access the stolen device at all. It will improve security on your hard drive since it instantly protects everything you create without needing to keep track of unique encryption keys for each file. Full disk encryption ensures hard drive itself will be unreadable by hackers, even if moved to another device since they will not have the correct encryption code. It may require a physical key such as a USB drive or smart token in addition to the code, but decreases the chances of files becoming compromised.

More benefits of encrypting laptops include helping to meet industry standards and providing confidence that your backups are safe. Healthcare and financial professionals are required to have customer data encrypted by the government due to the high volume of private information they possess. Creating the need for a key to access files can also provide peace of mind for businesses since they will not make front-page news for a data breach.

Laptops and other devices need to undoubtedly be encrypted to keep sensitive files secure in case of the theft of equipment. With hackers and cybercriminals becoming more efficient in obtaining confidential data, creating an encryption key to make messages unreadable by anyone who does not hold the key could prevent a significant breach from happening to you.

Want to learn more about encrypting laptops, hard drives, thumb drives, etc.? Need assistance adding laptop encryption to your devices? At Total Computer Solutions, we have decades of experience with data encryption. TCS’s network security consultation can guide you in the right direction if you have any questions about creating an encryption key. Just fill out our form here or give us a call with no obligation assessment of your needs at (336) 804-8449.

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