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What You Need to Know About Cloud Computing for Your Business

By: Total Computer Solutions

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The Cloud Provides Versatility Small Businesses Need

Any business tool which can reduce costs while increasing productivity to drive profit margins higher is sure to catch the eye of discerning small business owners. The Cloud has proven itself to be that tool, providing versatility for data storage and access to business information anytime, anywhere, all at a reasonable price. 

New to Cloud Computing? Maybe Not!

Business owners exploring the benefits of cloud computing should be aware that they and most of their employees are most likely using cloud applications already. Gmail, Outlook, and Facebook are all cloud-based services. Google Drive, Google Docs, Apple iCloud, and Dropbox are all file-sharing applications on the cloud. Microsoft offers mobile versions of Office which provide a familiar interface for phones and tablets, as well as OneDrive cloud storage.

FREE Guide: The Complete Roadmap to the Cloud for Your Small Business

Popular conferencing applications such as Skype, Facetime, and GoToMeeting allow worldwide consultation via the cloud. Entertainment services such as Netflix and Hulu have been using cloud technology to stream movies and TV shows with cloud technology for years. Now let's take a closer look at how cloud technology can improve your bottom line.

IT Versatility and  Hardware Savings

When a business moves to the cloud the provider's servers are used for file storage, software programs, and data backup. This removes the need for an IT team onsite to install and manage email servers, run backups, and install and upgrade software. With cloud computing, the IT burden is outsourced to the cloud provider. This frees up valuable knowledge personnel for higher level development and allows existing onsite hardware resources to be repurposed or even eliminated.

Another advantage motivating business moves to the cloud is storage versatility. A startup or rapidly growing company does not need to increase onsite hardware to keep up with expanding demands. Conversely, in an off-peak business cycle, the need to pay for additional capacity and service applications is phased out. 

Double Profit Margins With 25% Increase in Revenue

A 2017 report at on the results of a study by the software company Exact in collaboration with PB7 Research showed outstanding numbers for companies that adopted the cloud. Not only did they double profit margins but these companies increased revenue growth by 25%. The combination of reduced hardware and security expenses with increased productivity enabled by unlimited access to data and business applications are the contributing factors to these incredible statistics. 

Email Migration

Maintaining onsite email servers can be frustrating and costly. With an ongoing need for storage scalability and software upgrades, many companies are migrating email hosting to the cloud as a highly cost-effective solution.

A report at citing a 2009 study by Rich Cannon indicates that " the average business email user would spend more than 20 times less on email by outsourcing their hosting compared to hosting it themselves." Hosted exchange providers have the expertise to keep servers operating 99.9% of the time, and most reputable hosts hold  ISO27001 information security certifications.

At TCS we have years of experience providing seamless email migration to the cloud, so organizations can take advantage of the robustness and reliability of the hosted solution which is the best fit for them.

Hosted Infrastructure

Many businesses are deterred from cloud hosting because applications are integrated in a way requiring them to operate on their physical servers. The idea of shared servers is unappealing. Hosted infrastructure can allow organizations in this situation to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud.

Hosted infrastructure is analogous to moving your servers to a rack in a data center, requiring only a significant internet connection on site. Outsourced infrastructure services are now available for a predictable recurring fee. For many organizations, hosted infrastructure is the first step in cloud migration. 

Cloud Consulting For Small Businesses at TCS

Total Computer Solutions has been providing cloud migration services for businesses and organizations for over five years now. In that time we have learned from experience that not everyone is a good fit. Each organization has its own specific IT needs, and the transition to the cloud requires precise planning and technical analysis before leaping to the cloud. If your company has between 5-100 users, the cloud may be the ideal solution for you.

To determine if your small business can reap the benefits of reduced costs, predictable IT spend and increased productivity from always available business applications on the cloud, contact us today for a no-obligation review.

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