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How HaaS (Hardware as a Service) Can Help Your Bottom Line

By: Total Computer Solutions

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To help your business continue success, you need to do more than increase your profits—you also need to cut costs wherever possible.  If yours is like most businesses, one of the significant drivers of cost is your hardware.  That is especially true during the early stages of your business when those costs tend to pile up.  Whether its scanners, servers or printers, the costs of new hardware (or replacement hardware for longer-standing companies) can be prohibitive.

What Is Hardware as a Service (HAAS)? 

That is where hardware as a service (HAAS) can be of tremendous benefit to businesses like yours.  Business to Community points out what HAAS is, and the reason an increasing number of companies are turning to these kinds of services:

"That is why the Hardware as a Service (HaaS) model has become so popular. Rather than purchasing hardware outright, or leasing it from a provider, essential technologies are provided by an IT provider for a monthly fee. Small businesses get all the functionality they need but at a more manageable and predictable cost."

Where is the Hardware Stored?

That depends on what the hardware is, and on the needs of the business.  You would not want a printer or scanner to be at a remote location, so these are typically on-site. In the case of other hardware, such as computer servers, it might be advantageous to house the hardware remotely at the site of the HAAS provider. 

Why Should My Business Consider Investing in HAAS?

Of course, every business has its own unique IT challenges and needs.  That said, many companies experience similar benefits from partnering with a HAAS provider, including the following 5:

  1. You will reduce capital expenditures:  this one is a no-brainer—when you pay a monthly fee for the use of equipment instead of purchasing it outright, you reduce your capital expenditures.  That means your hardware outlays are both smaller and more predictable.  It also means you can use those dollars for other critical business needs, like marketing and advertising and research and development. 
  2. You will benefit from the use of state-of-the-art equipment:  it is important that your business remain as competitive as possible—something which can be challenging to do when you are working with outdated equipment.  When you work with a HAAS provider, you can rest assured that you have access to the most modern equipment.  You also do not need to worry about replacing old equipment (another cost savings for you). 
  3. You will reduce your tax liability:  taxes are a significant concern for every business.  When the hardware you use is reported as a service rather than a capital outlay, you will pay less in taxes.  In most cases, you will also reduce your debt load, another substantial advantage for your business.  Again, that is more money you can invest in other mission-critical business needs.
  4. You'll reduce staff and salary:  think of it—how many staff do you currently employ to service and maintain your hardware?  When you choose HAAS, you arguably can eliminate some of those (often costly) IT staff positions, because you now have a trusted partner responsible for your hardware needs. 
  5. You will get the support and guidance of experts:  for many HAAS providers, the hardware is all (or a substantial component of what) they do.  It is their area of expertise and principal concern, which means they possess expert in-house staff are not likely to.  Whether it is installing new patches or providing security against the latest virus threats, you will have the peace of mind of knowing that the advice you get is the best (and most informed) possible.

Partnering with a HAAS provider is not necessarily the answer for every business, but it is beneficial for most. To learn more about the ways our backup, cloud, network administration, projects and security services can help your business increase profits and grow, contact us today.

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