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Malware and Firewalls Are Not Enough, How to Stay Protected

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Data breaches of national corporations have made headlines numerous times in recent years, but any size company is at risk of a cyber-attack. Is your office network at risk? Find out if you are making one of these four common mistakes in network security.

Many companies do a great job of updating malware and installing firewalls, but numerous data breaches are a result of other weaknesses, including: 

Third-Party Service Providers

If you have a vendor who provides services that interact with your network, you may be at risk. Third parties typically use remote access tools to connect to a company’s network, but they may not follow the best security practices. Several high-profile data breaches affecting companies like Target and Home Depot were caused by unauthorized access to a contractor’s credentials. Always validate that a vendor has tight security in place, such as multi-factor authentication and an audit trail of remote activity.

Devices Without Patches

While most computer workstations are set to receive automatic security updates and patches, other network devices like routers and printers can’t always receive automatic updates to address vulnerabilities. Unpatched devices leave the door open to a hacker gaining access to your network. Also, if you have any computers operating on the Windows Server 2003, know that this operating system is no longer supported by Microsoft and will not be receiving automatic security updates.

Mobile Devices

If your employees are accessing company documents or databases from a mobile device, especially their own devices, you are at risk. Be sure your company has a mobile device policy that includes frequently changing mobile passwords. All staff members should understand the policy and why it’s in place.

Unaware Employees

Employees who have weak passwords, click on links or attachments in suspicious emails, or visit unauthorized websites typically create the largest risk for company networks. Be sure to train employees on how to create strong passwords and how to recognize phishing emails. Help employees understand that these practices apply to all devices they use to access company email or documents.

Assess Your Network Today

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At Total Computer Solutions, we have decades of experience with network security. TCS can guide you in the right direction if you have any questions about keeping your data secure with no obligation, just give us a call at (336) 804-8449 or fill out our form.

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