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Network Security Practices: The Only Guide You Will Ever Need

By: Total Computer Solutions

network security practices

The term "security breach" is often used in news stories, and is something that all businesses -- from the smallest to the largest -- should do their best to avoid. How effective are your network security practices? If you're unsure, here are some questions to ask yourself.

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Is my company's data protected from outside threats?

One of the most basic foundations to any network security plan is protecting data from outside threats through a robust combination of virus and spyware protection. However, even strong protection won't necessarily stop all attempts to undermine your network security. The ability to monitor any breakthrough intrusions is a must-have, as well.

What about inside threats?

Not all threats to your network's security come from the outside. Whether it is a disgruntled employee or simply one who does not know better, a company's network is also vulnerable to inside threats unless precautions are taken. Ensuring that employees, vendors, and contractors only have access to the information that they need to do their jobs and limiting access to potentially dangerous content through filtering are two important steps to take when implementing a new security plan or strengthening an existing one.

What about personal devices?

Personal mobile devices are changing the workplace, allowing efficiencies to users like never before. Unfortunately, your company's Wi-Fi is also providing an additional avenue for security breaches. The best network security plans include provisions for the use of mobile devices and implement controls for third-party software, strong authentication and password controls, and secure communications.

How much do my employees understand about network security?

In a perfect world, your employees are valuable members of your network security team. While we don't live in a perfect world, providing your employees with a comprehensive security plan, and the education and resources they need to help keep sensitive data protected from such threats as phishing is possible and highly recommended.

Does my company's security policy comply with federal regulations?

If your company is subject to HIPAA or PCI requirements, there is an even greater need for a strong network security plan. The penalties can be severe for companies who fail to meet HIPAA or PCI regulations and to provide proper documentation. Regular risk assessments on your compliance are a necessary part of your security plan.

Is my company's data recoverable?

Is your data backed up regularly? Is there continuous backup of files to prevent the loss of time that occurs due to human errors, such as an accidental overwrite? If there is an equipment failure, do you have the ability to quickly access the data needed to continue doing business? Do you have the ability to bring applications and data back online after a disaster such as a tornado or a fire? If you're using best network security practices, then your answer to all of these questions should be "yes." If not, then your security plan needs to be strengthened.

Do I need help strengthening my company's network security plan?

Effective network security is a many-pronged effort, involving not only your physical equipment and environment, but the security of your data in the cloud, as well. One way to find out whether your security plan is as strong as it needs to be is to obtain security consulting services from Total Computer Solutions. We will take a look at your business as a whole, and tailor solutions specifically for your unique circumstances and your budget, in order to ensure that your security plan is as strong as it needs to be. We will then leverage our more 28 years of experience in managing clients' networks to implement those solutions for you. Contact us today to get started.