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Five Benefits for IoT (Internet of Things)

By: Alec Hider

Group of business people using electronic devices at work

When someone thinks of connecting a device to the Internet, the first things that come to mind are most likely tablets and smartphones. Nearly every device can be connected to the Internet now, including smart watches, appliances, digital cameras, healthcare tools, GPS’s, and thermostats. 

These devices connecting to the same network as computers creates the option to use the Internet of Things (IoT), which is a fancy of way of describing atypical devices capable of establishing a connection to the Internet. The potential for increased functions of these gadgets will multiply within the next year, with particular trends beginning to re-shape industries.

Small business could reap numerous benefits of Internet of Things. With the number of gadgets continually growing, there are over 26 billion devices, there are endless ways the Internet of things developing will improve small businesses. Printers can automatically order new supplies when they are running low, cars can use voice texting to notify clients or coworkers if someone is running late, and alarms on coffee pots can ensure a warm brew is waiting when employees arrive in the morning. 

Healthcare is one industry that enjoys the conveniences of the IoT. Having medical devices connected to the Internet means they can transmit data between pieces of equipment, such as having the equipment to monitor a patient’s heart rate or relaying information directly to the cloud. Doing so eliminates the need for employees to enter that data physically. Users are also able to use Fitbits and other exercise equipment to have workout data sent directly to a computer.

The transportation industry will improve vastly and love the benefits of Internet of Things as well. Public transportation can run more smoothly through notifying workers when buses and trains are due for maintenance. Plus, using IoT will optimize journeys since it tells drivers to take a different road if there is an accident or heavy traffic on their regular route.

The IoT provides a unique challenge to network security. These devices connected to the Internet share large quantities of private data throughout a network constantly. Equipment needs to be regularly updated to patch security threats and prevent bad guys from penetrating company networks. Use care with these devices since they can serve as vehicles for criminals to launch attacks that affect the entire server.

The growing number of devices becoming capable of connecting to the Internet provides the convenience of being able to share information between every piece of equipment within a company, not only computers and smartphones. It will help business everywhere complete projects more efficiently, helping them use generated data from the IoT developing to improve office processes and function better.

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