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4 Tips for a Successful Corporate Relocation

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Firms are continually changing locations due to growing or shrinking staff needs. However, it is a big headache for operations managers and IT staff. Not only are there plenty of logistics questions, but there are also constant questions from staff members about various IT issues. Importantly, operations professionals have to guard against the risk of catastrophic disaster regarding their infrastructure. This mostly means protecting data and preserving equipment. There are a few important tips that they should remember to make sure they avoid a bad outcome.

1. Redundancy and Emergency Back-Up

First and foremost, firms need to install redundancy and backup plans. Simply put, there should be a hard copy of all of the firm's files on an identifiable server at a nearby location. The firm's entire records are held there so in case there is an issue with the migration, these records can be recalled to replace lost information as an emergency back-up.

Secondly, companies need to create redundant storage that also has all of their records. Whether this is through a distributed cloud service or at another location, redundant storage is key to avoiding catastrophe. Typically, banks, medical firms, tech firms, governments, and others that store critical information are already mandated by law to have redundant storage in a place far from your location. So if there is an earthquake, hurricane, flood or other unpredictable act, the data will still be safe and protected. IT professionals should take from this playbook and keep a redundant set of data at a location hundreds or thousands of miles away. While the connectivity will be lower, the protection it provides is invaluable.

2. Network Configuration

When you move to a new location, you will need to re-implement your entire network. Try to keep as many things the same as possible so that your staff will quickly and securely adapt to the new network.

Work with third-party firms to implement a secure network from day one with good coverage throughout the space that never goes down. This will ensure high productivity that avoids business interruptions.

3. Security

Of course, security is an area where catastrophes are regular occurrences. Companies need to install industrial-strength firewalls and spyware detection in their new network infrastructures. Additionally, they need to implement layered authentication processes to access data. During the transition period, there may not be as many technicians focused on security, leaving the network vulnerable.

This is especially important if you are adding a new data center or cloud storage solution to your network to ease the transition. These are points of failure that must be protected from hacking and theft.

To prevent these issues, IT managers must educate staff to change passwords regularly, never download unknown files or links. Lastly, operations personnel must always be vigilant with the latest software and tools.

4. Data Migration

Moving all your data from one location to the next is another important issue. If the firm is storing everything in the cloud already, this is less of a problem because it will still all be accessed in the same way. Even those companies that have cloud storage still may want to migrate data onto new devices for safekeeping though.

Data migration should be done by a combination of automated programs and customized solutions. Working with a third party provider, firms can quickly create a program that safely and rapidly transfers the necessary documents from one device to another.

Total Computer Solutions offers corporate relocation consulting and services. We offer consulting to help make the transition to a new or expanded location as smooth as possible. We can provide the workforce to execute a physical move, or in the case of clients who have internal staff, we can assist by providing consulting or project management services. For more information, please contact us. 

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