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3 Ways to Protect Your Company from Cyber Attacks

By: Brayden McMillan

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We always hear of large corporations that are victims of malicious cyber-attacks. They have big budgets and significantly developed security response initiatives in place. However, this may not be the case for non-profit organizations. With a lower budget scale, non-profit organizations may be suffering from a lack of cybersecurity. Here are a few quick tips on how organizations can stay secure against cyber-attacks while maintaining a cost-effective budget. 

One of the easiest ways to start building a security plan is to stay informed of the latest attacks. Know what vulnerabilities are out there for the systems and programs that your non-profit organization utilizes. You can not stay on top of every possible weakness, but you can be aware of significant threats and how they are passed down. 

Keep employees informed and trained. The weakest link to any security plan is an uninformed and untrained end-user. Without the proper training and knowledge about the network, an employee can unintentionally allow a cyber-attack to compromise data or even the system. 

Have a plan of action in case of an attack. You can have the most up-to-date security measures in place and still fall prey to a cyber-attack. Knowing what to do in a situation like this can significantly reduce downtime and the potential cost of cleaning and re-securing the network. 

Have annual risk assessments performed. Having your network tested for potential vulnerabilities is the best way to know precisely what needs to be fixed or enhanced to prevent an attack. Knowing your risks can help better inform you and your employees while simultaneously strengthening the overall network. 

Oversight can become a potential downfall when it comes to network security. It is easier to regain lost funds from a cyber-attack than it is to recover lost supporters. It is of utmost importance that an organization's supporters and users feel secure and confident in what they are doing when expanding their resources for the organization's benefit. 

Don't let your organization's network security suffer. A large budget and intricate security systems are not required to stay safe. With these tips in mind, you can start building a bigger and better network security plan that is cost-effective and proactive. Ensure your company has a defense against their most significant IT difficulty by starting security awareness training. In the end, knowledgeable staff is a prepared staff. For additional information on how organizations can stay secure against cyberattacks, contact Total Computer Solutions at 336.804.8449 or fill out a form here

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