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3 Simple Tips to Make Devices Secure While Traveling

By: Alec Hider

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Today, the workplace is no longer chained to cables in an office, making mobile equipment a requirement. Data that is paramount to a company’s operations is frequently transported with those machines. If the proper precautions are not taken to ensure such data remains safe, it could fall into the wrong hands within the blink of an eye. Follow these helpful tips to keep devices secure while traveling to prevent breaches while away from the office. 

The first tip is knowing that cybercriminals can disguise a local wireless network using public Wi-Fi, in places such as at McDonald’s, Starbuck’s or the airport, as their own. It is imperative to use caution when connecting to other wireless networks while traveling. One wrong click could result in sensitive information becoming compromised. Using a personal hotspot can keep data secure when connected in a public area, especially when taking a laptop or tablet away from its primary server. Using a remote connection or Virtual Private Network (VPN) can provide access to private business information from anywhere, reducing the likelihood that data could become compromised when accessed elsewhere.

Another useful tip to protect local files before embarking on a journey away from the office is to back them up. It is never too early to back up data on either a company’s server or an external hard drive. It will allow critical information to be accessed from other professional equipment and provide the ability to restore from backup, decreasing the number of emergencies occurring during business trips.

Lastly, every traveler should make sure antivirus and firewall software is up-to-date. Since public networks are heavily used, everyone needs to remember to complete this painless yet critical task to decrease the odds of having company information compromised.

With business owners and their employees leaving offices to support clients and visit relatives during the upcoming holiday season, whether they are in town or across the country, threats from hackers and Malware will become more prevalent. Despite time away from of the office, small businesses are still subject to threats since they are working continuously. Downtime from lost information would be detrimental to operations due to increased customer activity. Take the simple but necessary steps to keep confidential information secure and keep devices secure while traveling . 

Need more tips on how to keep data away from cybercriminals during the holiday season? Would you like to learn more about creating a backup of essential company files? At Total Computer Solutions, we have the knowledge to maximize data backup and network security. If you have any questions about keeping your information secure or setting up a hotspot, just give us a call with no obligation at (336) 804-8449.

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