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6 Ways to Keep Your Business Secure from Cyber Criminals

By: Alec Hider

As reliance on the Internet and its functions increases, the amount of breaches and hacks plaguing computers, databases, and businesses will continue to grow exponentially. No step is too small for keeping confidential information where it belongs, safely hidden in a secure network. The panel discussion, Cyber Risks and How to Protect Your Business, led by Barry Utesch, President,Total Computer Solutions, Karen McKeithen Schaede, Attorney, Connors Morgan, PLLC, and Greg Brown, Sales Manager, Nationwide Insurance. They explain methods of keeping sensitive data secure in detail.

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Companies everywhere need security, regardless of size. No entity is too small to have personal information of customers compromised. Cybercriminals purposely choose to target smaller firms due to a perceived lack of security and resources. Today, it is easier to become a cybercriminal than ever before. Small businesses are just as likely to be attacked as large corporations, so ramping up security measures are always highly recommended. 

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All businesses need policies in place to protect information. The most straightforward step would be to call a local insurance branch to obtain cyber protection. Three kinds of cyber security were mentioned, and each one could be critical to keeping a business afloat. Other easy-to-implement suggestions beyond purchasing insurance are also referenced during Cyber Risks and How to Protect Your Business.

Signs of a problem will be detectable once they occur. Business owners should heed warnings from the panel on how to tell when a device has been subjected to Malware. Doing so will keep sensitive information safe from these criminals. It could ultimately prevent a similar situation as what happened at Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center in California in 2015. Knowing where the potential for trouble lies will make it much easier for businesses to inhibit hackers from penetrating their systems.

This 45-minute panel discussion, conducted by industry experts, discusses legal and insurance risks relating to computer fraud, cybercrime, cybersecurity, data protection and data breaches. Solutions to these issues will be highlighted during the video. Following their suggestions could protect businesses and keep them profitable, even after a significant breach.

Still seeking advice on protecting your business from cyber criminals? Want to make sure your backup is free of Malware? At Total Computer Solutions, we have decades of experience with network and software security. TCS can guide you in the right direction if you have any questions about keeping your network secure with no obligation, just give us a call at (336) 804-8449 or fill out the form here to be contacted by one of our representatives. 

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