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Why You Should Think Twice About Password Manager Tools

By: Jessica Clifford

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Have you ever made the decision to change your password for an application, and suddenly as the password change screen uploads, you wonder – what should my password be? If so, you are not alone. Earlier this year I felt the same way as I signed onto my Amazon account for the thousandth time to do a little unnecessary shopping. I knew it was time to change my password. I visited the password change page and sat there for five minutes, thinking over possible password options I could use. I finally came up with one that was strong by security standards, and unlike every other password, I was using. Then, I questioned – how will I remember this?

Most people would suggest that I should use Chrome or Firefox because they save passwords that you do not want to remember. Unfortunately, my Dell works best with Internet Explorer.

A few days later, I was at work, and someone brought up this new password management tool they were using on his or her laptop at home. The one they were using had incredible advantages that Chrome and Firefox do not have. After that, I was sold on the idea of downloading my password management tool.

Whether it is for personal use or your business, a password management tool can help make work more efficient.

What is a Password Management Tool?

A password manager is similar to a personal secretary, but it is installed as a browser plug-in on your computer. It remembers passwords and personal information for you to use again and again.

Most password managers have a toolbar menu with all of your saved credentials. So, if you want to log onto a work application from a site you already have saved, then it will automatically put your credentials in, and you are ready to work.

As a forewarning, not all password management tools do the same thing. Some have extras that you might need to pay for, and others are limited to only a few perks. There are also some noteworthy advantages and concerns with password manager tools.

What are the Advantages of Using This?

When you first download a password manager, you type all of your passwords into the tool. Most of the password managers will detect any weak or duplicate passwords that need you to change. The best password managers will also recommend substituting different passwords for those that do not fit their criteria for a secure password.

Mostly, password managers pick out your password faults, but they also help you correct them.

Another advantage over Chrome and Firefox is that your passwords can sync across all of your devices. This way you do not have to keep downloading the tool all over again. Also, password managers are more secure and can cross apps and websites, making it a better version of Chrome and Firefox.

Password management tools remember your personal information as well as passwords, such as your full name, email address, and phone number. This way, if you are like me and enjoy online shopping, then you can already have that personal information set. This saves time for you, so you can just go to the next step of ordering. One important disclaimer: never keep your credit card information, because that will make you perfect hacker bait.

The best part about using a password manager is that you only need to memorize one password – the password for your password manager. This makes using a password such as kEi{]54kTL%@L9Vi, possible without writing it down on a sticky note.

Concern for Safety

As you may expect, password managers have had their fair share of security issues. One of the most famous password managers, LastPass, was unaware their service had a security flaw that could have allowed cyber criminals to steal their customer’s passwords and personal information. A Google security researcher found this flaw and warned LastPass; then, they required the security company to inform their customers about this possible issue.

Other problems have occurred in the past, making password managers susceptible to security breaches.

However, most IT security experts continuously claim password managers are essential for password security. Their overall advantages, such as saving strong passwords and personal information across all your devices, outweigh possible vulnerabilities. When it comes to finding the best password management tool, you must do some reading to pick the service that has little to no experience with security flaws or breaches. When you find it, make sure you download it.

Password managers are helpful for both personal and work use. Some of these tools can do everything you want with little to no fees, and are an excellent way to make life more efficient. If you want to learn more about password management tools or need a second look at your network’s safety, TCS can help. Total Computer Solutions offers a free no obligation appointment to get you started call us at 336.804.8449.

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