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National Cyber Security Month: How to Protect Your Business

By: Total Computer Solutions

national cyber security awareness month

It is National Cyber Security Month. Do you know how to provide security for your business? During this important month, you have the opportunity to increase your awareness and understanding of what is necessary to create true security within your business. Make sure you're taking these steps to provide true security to your organization. 

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Step One: Educate Your Employees

During NCSM, you have the opportunity to educate your employees about how they can become human firewalls. As human firewalls, they become the most effective barrier your organization has to hackers, threats, and viruses.

Try some of these ideas:

Host a lunch and learn. Invite employees to attend a company-sponsored event that provides them with food and education at the same time. Your lunch and learn event could cover the basics of cybersecurity, how to recognize phishing attempts and more. Learn more about TCS' free onsite security training for your employees. 

Provide a challenge. Who in your organization is taking the right steps to provide the highest possible level of cybersecurity? What steps do you want your employees to take, not just throughout the month, but in general? Issue a challenge throughout your organization. Consider providing a challenge that will encourage employees to test their cyber security skills or offering a reward for the person who does the best job of preventing a "threat" from slipping through. Conduct a mock penetration by sending out a phishing email or making a call to your employees, then see who passes. Those who pass the challenge win a prize!

Design a survey. What do your employees already know about cybersecurity? Do they feel that their skills are lacking in this area? More importantly, are their skills as strong as they believe they are? Survey of your employees. Ask them to rate their cyber security skills or to answer basic questions about security--or both! Your survey will give you a better idea of what your employees already know, which will allow you to focus future educational efforts on the areas where they might be weaker. Test your network security IQ.

Step Two: Improve Your Security

During NCSM, you have the perfect opportunity to improve cybersecurity across your organization. This is the perfect opportunity to schedule a penetration test or consultation to ensure that your business is meeting compliance standards and regulations. While you're waiting for that assessment, try some of these strategies for enhancing your organization's overall security.

Check your passwords. When was the last time they were changed? Do they barely meet minimum security requirements? Now is a great time to implement a password change across your business. Remember, just adding a new number to the end may not be enough to deter hackers!

Examine your physical security. How much effort would it take for an outsider to reach your machines? Are those machines left unlocked on a regular basis? Make sure that strangers can't just walk into secure areas within your organization no matter how official they look, and take steps to train employees accordingly. 

Update all of your software. Your software can be a serious security risk, especially if you don't update it. Make sure that all of your software has the latest updates to avoid leaving gaping holes in your organization's security.

Partner with a new cybersecurity provider. You need a security provider who understands your business and will decrease your odds of being impacted by a security threat. Look for a provider that has worked with compaines like yours before. 

This is the perfect month to improve security throughout your organization. Hackers can strike anywhere, at any time--small and large businesses alike. Take advantage of NCSM to raise awareness and increase security knowledge across your office. Need to learn more about cybersecurity for your business? Download our ebook today.

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