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Cyber Attackers Are Lurking and What to Do About It

By: Grayson Ramsey

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Think about the most valuable information you have stored on your computer. Think about all the various files containing valuable information on your computer. Now, imagine a stranger having access to these documents while simultaneously barring you from being able to access them. The frequency with which such a situation occurs is much higher than you would probably expect, and the methodology online attackers are using is becoming more and more disguised. In the case of Locky Ransomware, an email is sent under the false pretense that it contains some sort of invoice.

Upon downloading the attached ‘invoice’, the downloaded file will seek out certain file types on the recipient’s computer and then scramble them so that they can only be accessed if the hacker allows it. A ransom is sought out in order for the victim to regain access to their files, often paid in the form of the online currency Bitcoin.  Read about Locky Ransomeware and how to protect your business from a cyber attacker.

Locky Ransomware is the most common form of ransomware today, and thus needs to be taken seriously. There are a few different things that can be done to to gain protection from Lockyware. Making sure to equip all computers with antivirus software and security software is prudent, as these programs can pay big dividends in screening emails with Lockyware-containing-attachments. Locky Ransomware accounted for a whopping 98.6% of all malicious spam file attachments, so utilizing security methods such as keeping employees informed and aware is a necessity. Another precaution for Locky Ransomware is simply backing up all files, so if your computer is breached with the locky virus your files are expendable.

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All of the measures mentioned above are precautionary. Once the virus has reached its target, though, there is only so much that can be done. The main recourse that should be taken is to visit an IT solutions firm to let professionals try and assess the situation. With the volume of incoming emails being what it is today, the likelihood of suffering a Locky Ransomware attack is unfortunately high. So, staying vigilant with security softwares that can filter a lot of these locky-loaded emails out is so important. Just recently it was found that 60,000 computers were infected with Locky Ransomware in one 24-hour period. Losing access to one of your own files as a result of a Locky Ransomware infiltration is an awful predicament. Fortunately, there are places to go that can offer solutions to victims of these attacks and more information on Locky Ransomware is being made available.       

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