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How to Simplify Improvements to Email

By: Jessica Clifford

We all get caught up in our comfortable routines. We tell ourselves we do it this way because it works, because we are knowledgeable about it, even if we know there is something else out there that could be newer and more efficient. It is hard not to crave that comfort, and for the longest time, Hoffman & Hoffman did the same with their older email platform. But today, they are thrilled they overcame their routine because now they are reaping several benefits from O365.


Hoffman & Hoffman is an HVAC company that is dedicated to serving the heating, filtration, ventilation, and air conditioning needs of engineers, owners, and contractors since 1947. They have a corporate office located in Greensboro, NC, and a dozen branches spread across North and South Carolina, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Client Challenges

Before Hoffman & Hoffman's email migration to O365, their company had four main operational issues.

  • First and foremost, their corporate office and their remaining twelve branches lacked a standardized email platform. Instead, they were using various email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.
  • Next, because of their lack of standardization, the company had to pay large fees to maintain their platform.
  • Since they did not have a single way to do emails, there was also growing concern for the security of their email data.
  • Lastly, their final issue was the desire to use O365’s complementary applications to help leverage their day to day business.

With all of these matters, Mike Story, the Microsoft Exchange Manager, wanted to make O365 their only email platform. Unfortunately, Story said many employees kept reiterating that the current email platform at the time: “Works just fine; don’t change anything”. Mike finished by stating, “…technological change is not easy for a lot of people” In the end, Mike was able to change most people’s minds and they were able to move forward with the project.

For the case study click here.

The Project’s Process: Email Changes Made Simple

The standardization of their email platform was easier than you may expect – a simple Cloud-based migration was performed. While the movement was taking place, the company had no downtime so that, the emails could send during the whole process.

“I’m not saying the change for my users was easy, but it was not as hard as it could have been.  Some training was involved for employees to learn the platform” said Mike Story reflecting on the entire process. 


The transition to O365 gave Hoffman & Hoffman one of the most important feelings: peace of mind. Giving themselves one organized email platform extinguished all of their past challenges and gave them access to free Office applications.

Hoffman & Hoffman was finally able to take a breather because as soon as the migration was complete, they had a single set of security standards and a large mailbox for storing emails indefinitely. Also, another perk all of the Hoffman & Hoffman offices received was access to complementary apps, such as the calendar, contact sharing, universal distribution lists, and Skype for business.

With O365, Hoffman & Hoffman does not have to worry about backing up their email data because this Cloud based email platform does the work for them. Before, they struggled, now Mike Story says, “We don’t have to worry about backups on our Exchange server, it was becoming a headache."

Another helpful addition they received was the admin portal. Through this, Hoffman & Hoffman can retrieve emails from any place, by any employee, at any time. Before the migration, the company put a lot of money and time into recovering emails, but now it is a simple task.

With this project complete, Hoffman & Hoffman wants to leverage new apps, such as the collaboration tools and the global address book, by teaching employees how they can add them to their daily work.

Hoffman & Hoffman waved their old routine goodbye, and now they are welcoming this new one with excitement.

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