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Improved Wi-Fi Coverage Pays Off for Distribution Company

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Having been in business since 1939, Caffey Distributing knows what it takes to be successful. The beer supplier serves sixteen counties spanning across the Charlotte, Greensboro, and Winston-Salem area of North Carolina.

With years of success has come growth, and their headquarters in Greensboro boasts 131,000 square feet of office and warehouse space. They also have an expansion in progress as they build a new location in Charlotte. With more than 175 employees, Caffey Distributing's growth meant their wireless network was strained to the max.  

The Problem

A reliable wireless network is a crucial part of Caffey's daily operation. Without reliable access, they cannot ensure accuracy in their orders. Employees need to be able to access the wireless network simultaneously and from any part of their ample space.

However, their system was unable to handle these demands. The system would not allow everyone online at the same time, and severe network slowdowns were particularly problematic for second shift production. Ultimately, network connectivity issues were decreasing revenue. 

Caffey Distributing knew it was time for a change to make sure that their long-standing success and growth would continue.

The Plan

Caffey reached out to Total Computer Solutions for a detailed and effective plan that would solve their wireless network issues. Total Computer Solutions was able to respond quickly with a three-step approach that would ensure Caffey received solutions tailored for their needs. 

Step 1: Discovery

TCS conducted a thorough discovery process to ensure understanding of Caffey's needs. Detailed understanding of how Caffey uses its wireless network, applications, and coverage was key to crafting a plan that would not only provide Caffey a solution to their immediate problem but set them up for long-term success as they continued to expand. 

Step 2: Wireless Assessment 

Armed with detailed information about Caffey's actual and anticipated wireless network needs, TCS conducted a wireless assessment. Using blueprints of the facility, TCS was able to identify placement options for wireless access points to ensure full coverage. This assessment was given to Caffey before implementation began to provide them with an opportunity to provide feedback or make adjustments as necessary. 

Step 3: Implementation

TCS implemented the plan by installing the wireless access point and updating the system. This allowed Caffey to create a guest network capable of supporting more than 500 wireless devices. The business saw disruptions in their access drop to zero. As an extra measure of security, implementation also included a high-level overview of the infrastructure and network operations, allowing internal staff to troubleshoot, identify, and mitigate any future issues quickly. 

Seeing a Return on Investment 

Not only did the implementation of the plan fix Caffey's immediate network access problems, but it also provided them with new opportunities. The new system is capable of running more software options, and these choices have allowed Caffey to increase their accuracy rate. In addition, the network solution is scalable, so they are planning to implement a similar plan at two other locations. 

The increased workflow, productivity, and accuracy is a direct path to revenue growth with long-term sustainability. By addressing an immediate problem, Caffey was able to implement a solution with ongoing positive impacts. When your employees can't stay connected to the internet, it usually means they cannnot get work done. In larger facilities, making sure every square inch has the coverage and bandwidth to support your entire workforce is critical to productivity. At TCS, we have the tools and expertise to help you measure Wi-Fi coverage and install reliable technology to ensure your entire team can stay connected and working. 

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