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Importance of Security Awareness Training for Employees and C-Suite Executives

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Many organizations continue to lose a lot of money due to data breaches. In addition, a 2021 Cyber Threat Report by SonicWall state, there is a 62% increase in Ransomware since 2019, and the attacks are expected to increase by 2025. 

If you have never experienced cyber threats or attacks, it does not mean that you are safe. It is best to prevent cyber threats before it is too late. The first and most vital element to preventing cyber-attacks is training your employees. Employees are the backbone of your business, and teaching them about cyber security has many benefits for your organization. Read on to learn more about security awareness training. 

What is Security Awareness Training?

Security awareness training educates employees on preventing cyber threats and attacks. It involves various methodologies to help employees know what to do and what not to do if they encounter cyber-attacks. 

Why Is Cybersecurity Awareness Important?

Helps Identify Phishing Attacks 

Most data breaches occur because employees do not know how to avoid them. You can prevent this by training them on identifying and dealing with potential attacks. Training your employees on cyber security helps them easily identify phishing attacks in time. They will avoid clicking on malicious links that can compromise the integrity of your data. As a result, it minimizes and prevents data breaches, thus, enabling your organization to continue its operations smoothly. 

Educates Employees About New Hacking Tricks 

Scammers will always devise new ways to hack systems and manipulate data, making it challenging for many organizations to prevent cyber threats. In this case, it is best to consider continuous employee training to teach them about the latest tricks that scammers are using. Employees will learn the relevant new technologies, thus keeping systems, networks, and applications safe.

Training Protects Brand Reputation 

Brand image is a vital element that you should always guard all the time. Training your employees will minimize cyber breaches that can affect your brand reputation and cost your business a lot of money in the long run. In addition, employees will learn their roles in enhancing security, thus, protecting your brand reputation. 

Fosters a Secure Culture 

Building a solid and secure culture for your organization needs time, focus, and dedication through quality training. By training your employees on cyber security, you create an open environment where they will be comfortable sharing their security experiences. In addition, it helps your employees be open to asking questions and raising security concerns in time without the fear of facing any consequences and punishments. 

Best Practices for Effective Security Awareness Training

Set Flexible Goals

The first element to creating an effective security awareness training program is setting your short-term and long-term goals. It is best to work with an experienced IT professional such as Total Computer Solutions to guide and advise you about creating goals for your training program. 

Determine Where to Start

Before you embark on security awareness training, it is best to identify your employee strengths. If you have an existing security training program, analyze it and determine what to add or remove to make your training resourceful. 

Ensure Full Participation of the Management and Employees

It is essential to follow up with each employee and ensure full participation. This will help you close all gaps that could cause cyber-attacks. Every employee should be part of the program from the beginning to the end and actively engage in the program. You may want to test them at the end of the training to determine their strengths. An experienced IT professional such as Total Computer Solutions can help you ensure every employee benefits from the training program. 

Empower Your Employees with Effective Security Awareness Training

The security foundation you create for your employees will determine their impact in implementing various measures to prevent cyber-attacks. Therefore, it is best to create a layered security approach that includes security awareness training to help you achieve your goals. Signup for a free consultation to learn more about TCS' cybersecurity awareness training.

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