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How to Leverage Technology to Stay In-Touch

By: Brayden McMillan

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The fall semester of 2017 is here, and students across the globe are headed back to school. Many parents worry about keeping in touch with their children, as many move away from home and begin to adjust to college life. One of the best ways to connect with each other is by using readily available forms of technology. Most teens leaving for college have cell phones, computers and tablets. On each of these devices, many teens and adults alike have social media accounts, which opens a plethora of options for communication between home and school.

Communication is important and many students benefit from the moral support that a parent can give. This support can transfer into life at a university. Classes start picking up and professors begin to give generous amounts of homework for each class. Stress levels start to build, homesickness sets in for some and just a quick conversation with a parent can boost morale. This, however, is also a time for students to become more independent and to start to experience what life is like without mom and dad there by their side all the time.

So how can you find this balance of effective communication and individual space? Don’t try to force or guilt trip them into communicating with you. They will likely have a wonderful experience trying to figure out life without having to consult a parent along the way. Consider sending them a care package. This is an effortless way of letting your children know you are thinking of them. A short text here and there or a call every once in a while, never hurts either! If you have technology in mind, one of the easiest ways to connect with people in our generation is through social media.

With the growth of technology skyrocketing, the uses for it become endless. Social media has become one of the primary uses of this generation’s smart technology. Some parents are friends with their children on one, or multiple social media sites. This allows you to keep in touch as well as see what they are experiencing and feeling without being overbearing. Communication over social media is great because almost everyone has an account on one of the many sites available. With so many communication options, you must find the one that agrees with your children the most. Communication is fundamental to the growth and behavior of young adults, and technology has made long distance communication very easy. A text, phone call, or even video call is a few finger presses away. If it is readily available, use it to your advantage.

If you are not a tech savvy and do not know how to use these different types of technology, TCS can help. Fill out the form here or call 336.804.8449 if you would like to be contacted by one of our representativtes to learn more.

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