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How to Transfer Office Technology for a Corporate Relocation

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Transferring a computer system or entire network to a new location must be handled delicately. It is not as simple as disconnecting equipment, unplugging it and moving it to the next city or across town to a larger office. It is far more complicated than arriving at the new location, reconnecting the equipment, plugging everything back in and opening for business. To safely transfer computer systems during a corporate relocation, there is much to consider.

While computer networking optimization will not decide where a company relocates to as far as city or county, it must factor in when choosing the physical building that the business will soon call home. When it comes to architecture, electrical specifications, and Internet signal quality or wifi, not all buildings are created equal.

Backup everything before you transfer computer systems during a corporate relocation

It is important to backup all company data, including firewalls, data systems, servers and other before pulling the plug. It would not hurt to backup everything more than once. If a computer or computers are damaged during the move, sensitive information could be lost.

Keep at least one copy of the backup in a secure location, a place where it will not become lost during the chaos of moving.

Test tech compatibility before signing the lease

Make sure the new office location fits the company's specific computing needs. Make sure that the building is conducive to internet speed and other key elements that may be required for the unique company profile.

Other important factors to consider:

  • How many wall outlets do the various offices have, and are there enough power sources to satisfy the required workstations and network?
  • Does the building have a backup generator; if so, is it sufficient to power the company's network in the event of a power failure? And for how long?
  • Make sure to test servers for speed and data migration at the new location and before the big move
  • Learn about the new Internet service provider, specifically downtime and reliability, and also have the Internet up and running at least two months before the move.

Most of these issues are not deal breakers. It is easy enough to order new cables, have additional power sources or wall outlets installed. It is simple enough to purchase routers that are more efficient, etc.  However, it is important to make sure what is needed is doable, and it is crucial to make these calls and take care of these issues before the move.

Use a moving company that provides insurance

If the company wants to save money, it is okay to have employees and managers help with the big move, with exceptions.

Expensive office equipment and workstations are sometimes broken during a corporate relocation. When companies contract the services of a professional moving company, ideally one that specializes in corporate relocation, experienced movers are handling the expensive and sensitive equipment, which gives peace of mind.

Often professional moving companies offer insurance that will reimburse the costs of broken computers and other office equipment. Make sure to take advantage of this insurance!

Relocation is the best time to take inventory

Before you transfer computer systems during a corporate relocation, consider a few things. If some office equipment is not compatible with the new building, and if that equipment is older than the warranties, it might be more practical to have a relocation sale or donate a few computers to a local charity than to start making upgrades to the new building or the aging equipment.

Making a clean start in a new location, with some new equipment, is a great way to up productivity and enjoy peace of mind.

AT TCS, our experienced project managers and IT experts can assist with designing a corporate move as well as helping to execute the physical move. For some of our clients, we handle the entire process and accept responsibility throughout the relocation.

If a relocation or expansion is in the future, call us today at 336-804-8449 or fill out this form and an IT relocation specialist will be in touch.

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