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How Technology Can Help Your Business with Process Improvement

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Good technology not only leads to business process improvement, but it also saves you money. For example, distribution company customers can reorder parts without picking up the phone. You are able to do the same. Retail companies can virtually sell merchandise every hour of the day, and your business no longer has to rely on clerks to count inventory. Technology takes care of these issues and more!

The reality is simple: good technology has the power to keep your business running 365 days per year, establishes business process improvement, maintains your files and data safe and increases revenue, which frees you up to expand or concentrate on other things.

Learn how one small distribution company took advantage of cloud technology. Now the business owner can deal with customer requests from anywhere in the world. He is even able to work safely from home.

The return on his technology investment equals:

  • secure access to his files and client information
  • the ability to work remotely from anywhere
  • an email system moved to the cloud so emails can be replied to (and protected) even after hours
  • leveraged technology to allow paperless operations, which saves money on print technology and paper supplies
  • an increased volume of business without overloading his employees

In another case study, a home building company was relying on out-of-date computers and old technology to maintain daily business operations. Trying to keep this technology resulted in downtime, a decrease in productivity, wasted expenditures and profit loss.

TCS came aboard and simplified their network, organized their electronic files and data and provided peace of mind by automatically backing up data throughout the day. The home building company would never again lose a file—not to mention the very best security software available was protecting their system from then on.

Technology has come a long way in recent years, but you may still think tech is hard—you will have to update things, go through hassles and scratch your head over glitches and screen locks. You may even fear hackers or files disappearing into cyberspace. With a great IT team—better yet an outsourced firm—these are issues of the past and should no longer be a concern.

What Should I Look for in a Technology Professional or Consulting Firm?

Ideally, you want an individual or team who has a proven track record of leading business process improvement across multiple tech types and different kinds of companies. The best proof of ability rests in testimonials. What are other people saying who have utilized services from the individual or company you are considering hiring?

In short order, you want a person or enterprise that specializes in:

How Does Good Technology Save my Business Money and help with business process improvement?

With good tech, you are not throwing money after bad. In other words, you are not experiencing downtime because of outdated technology and failing computers. You are not always paying for patches or purchasing software that provides a temporary fix.

When technology is optimized, business process improvement occurs by default. When productivity increases, sales improve or businesses do better.

According to a study by Deloitte, 72 percent of companies around the world outsource technology, and more plan to do so soon. Do not let your business fall behind.

For more information about innovative technology and business process improvement, contact TCS today! Let's discuss technology solutions and strategies that will help your business reach its goals.

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