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5 Ways Your Business Can Take Advantage of Colocation

By: Total Computer Solutions


For small to medium-sized businesses, maintaining your data infrastructure can be challenging. From dealing with equipment to assessing your connectivity, there is a lot to consider. One way to make all of this a bit more straight-forward is through colocation. Simply put, colocation is the process of placing your server hardware within another provider's infrastructure. Your business owns the hardware but relies on the colocation provider's network and bandwidth. Here are a few reasons why your business should consider this as a viable networking option. 

Improved Network Reliability 

Between your company's website and your business network, data connectivity is essential. When your network connectivity is unpredictable, downtime can be costly. Not only does it hinder your employees' productivity, but it also reduces the visibility of your business online. 

When you work with a colocation provider, you get the benefit of more reliable network connectivity and redundancies. This minimizes your potential for any network downtime, ensuring your company productivity and your customer reach. This is especially important for e-commerce businesses, or any business that sells online in any capacity because downtime can cost you sales as much as visibility and productivity. 

Consistent Hardware Environment 

Servers and networking equipment generate a lot of heat. That heat can be damaging to the sensitive electronics inside. As a small business owner, trying to combat that heat and create a climate-controlled server room to hold the equipment onsite can be very difficult. You not only need to manage the temperature in the space but the humidity as well. 

Working with a colocation provider eliminates all of that concern for you. These companies specialize in housing server racks and similar equipment. As a result, they create an environment that is tailored to that equipment. Your colocation provider will have climate control that keeps your servers cool without making them too cold, and that prevents humidity and moisture from damaging the electronic components. 

Power Redundancies

As a small business, your alternative power options are only as reliable as the generator that you can invest in. If you can't afford a guaranteed stand-by generator, your company's data and infrastructure are vulnerable to power outages. This can be costly to your business, and it can put you at risk of data corruption due to power surges or improper system shutdowns. 

Colocation providers have facilities that are designed for more reliable uptime and protection. Most colocation providers avoid problems with electricity failures by incorporating standby generators and other redundancies to protect against power interruptions that can cause problems with your data integrity. 

Easier Scalability 

As a small business, you may not need large-scale networking equipment and servers. However, as your business grows, your data storage, bandwidth demands, and other networking needs will increase. When you house your network, it can be challenging to find the space onsite for this expansion, especially if it means additional equipment. When business space is limited, every inch of space is at a premium. 

Colocation providers make the scalability process much easier. Since their data centers are designed for housing server equipment, you can expand your equipment needs and storage space far easier. You may even be able to rely on their onsite technical team to help you with the expansion. 

Onsite Security 

Protecting your company's data is more critical than ever in this time of server breaches and identity theft. Unfortunately, the technology required for both firewall security and facility protection can be beyond a small business budget. Opting for colocation eliminates that vulnerability. These companies specialize in housing and maintaining servers, so they maintain not only top-of-the-line network security, but also onsite security, including access control and surveillance. 

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