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How to Help Your Staff Protect Themselves from Cyber Criminals

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Your company has been diligent to install the latest firewalls, security software, and stringent password protection, but even with those steps, your computer network is still vulnerable to cyber attacks. In fact, only 3% of malware is attempting to exploit all these technical tools. Cybercriminals are targeting your employees, hoping an unsuspecting staff member will open a phony email or click on a dangerous link, basically giving them the keys to your network. In addition, mobile phones and tablets often mean you have company information walking around with your employees 24/7 — on devices you may not control.

To truly understand these threats to network security, it’s worth noting a few statistics:

  • 97% of malware infections are a result of employees being unable to recognize phishing emails or dangerous links.
  • Employees at any size company are vulnerable. In fact, nearly 41% of network attacks target small and medium-sized businesses, according to a study by Symantec.
  • 70% of employees nationwide use mobile devices to access work files and emails, putting business data outside the four walls of the business.
Why Phishing Is a Threat

Phishing emails masquerade as valid business messages in order to draw your employees into taking steps that reveal confidential information or opening a link that infects the computer network. For example, an email may appear to come from FedEx, but few employees may notice the email originated at because the logo and colors used within the email look like the real thing.

Once the cyber criminal behind the phishing email has access to your network, they can easily steal data. The results of phishing can include:

  • Loss of confidential customer information, such as credit card numbers, emails, or mailing addresses
  • Damage to your company’s reputation
  • Hours or days of both network and employee downtime
  • Loss of valuable company data that is vital to ongoing operations and future success

Strengthen the Security Chain with Training

Since employees are the weakest link in the network security chain, it makes sense to train them to recognize phishing emails, misleading links, and other threats. Look for a quality computer network security training program to actively engage employees in understanding and helping prevent attacks through phishing. A successful training program should include the following elements:

  • Teaching employees to recognize and safely handle phishing emails
  • Testing effectiveness through simulated phishing attacks
  • Reporting of your team’s results

Total Computer Solutions in Greensboro, NC, offers customized security training as well as security consulting for businesses throughout the Piedmont Triad region. Contact us for more information about how our security training for employees can strengthen your network security.

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