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Reasons Why Your Business Should Already Be in the Cloud

By: Jessica Clifford


For those of us that remember, the Internet worked in a less sophisticated fashion than it does today. First, we used a computer to computer connection that split sent information in half till it came back together clear on the user’s computer. As this became outdated, everyone switched to servers – a clunky mass of plastic and metal that took up room in offices' everywhere. Then, suddenly five years ago the Cloud appeared.

This mysterious Internet connection was unknown to nontechnical people for years. However, all of this is changing. The Cloud is becoming more ubiquitous, “according to a study by the Cloud Security Alliance, 33% of organizations have a ‘full steam ahead’ attitude toward cloud services and 86% of companies spend at least part of their IT budget on cloud services”. If you are wondering why so many people are using Cloud for business, here are the top seven reasons that may just change your mind.

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  •  Savings

One of the reasons companies move to Cloud is the reduced IT cost. Unlike buying hardware, paying for the Cloud is usually, if not always, on a pay-per-use basis. This means you are not paying for more than you used. As the Small Business Connection so eloquently puts it, “ are not ‘buying’ the whole package, but ‘renting’ what you need”. Essentially, this will make it easier for your company to plan and budget IT services for an extended period.  

Also, systems are expensive and include a regular cycle of upgrades. The Cloud does not have hardware nor upgrade costs. You may reduce the cost of your total energy consumption. However, as a disclaimer, this might not be accurate if you have slower Internet speeds, in which case you may have to increase your bandwidth and therefore reduce your savings. 

  • Flexibility

When you think of servers and hardware, you should think of inaccessibility. What do I mean by that? Well, if a company’s information stored on in-house servers then their employees cannot work at home or a local coffee shop unless they have information stored on a computer that travels with them. However, the Cloud makes this possible since everything uses Internet storage. This helps companies access their information anytime at any place, which allows them to respond to customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.

  • Increased Collaboration

Projects at work can seem daunting for companies that do not use the Cloud. The employees need to be in the same space or meet all at once to get work done efficiently. With the Cloud’s simultaneous syncing process, everyone’s work can be accessed and edited from different locations. That would give a company the possibility to have virtual meetings at home- so that everyone can only wake up, brew a cup of coffee, and sit in their flannel pajamas while finishing an important project in the comfort of their home.

  • Reduced IT Work

Many companies allocate huge percentages of their budget to their IT staff, who must continuously apply patches and complete upgrades. With the Cloud, IT staff would spend minimal time on such problems because of outsourced software maintenance and upgrades. This again goes back to saving money, but it also allows IT personnel the opportunity to work on strategic planning instead of everyday tasks.

  • Security

This is understandably the biggest concern for most people that are considering the move from server to cloud. However, most people do not realize their information will be stored on remote servers, which have the best security systems available to date. Also, with the server’s constant updates it makes it harder for hackers to access their Cloud. 

We also cannot forget that one of the top reasons for a company security breach is user misuse. Therefore, security will be an issue whether a company uses a server or the Cloud 

  • Business Continuity

Every company’s journey is comparable to the perfect roller coaster metaphor- a company always has its emotional ups and downs. So, when a crisis hits your organization, you may need a backup of company records, data, client lists and more. With the Cloud, you will always have a backup on the Internet. Mostly, you will prepare for the worst, but consistently have the best productivity. 

  • The Fast Switch

New servers can take a long time to get up and running becausefive steps must be completed before it can be used, including the purchasing, ordering, delivering, installing, and configuring the server. However, Cloud migration takes only a few hours to get up to run. This nearly seamless migration will prevent unnecessary downtime. 

These are seven reasons why your business should already be in the Cloud, yet not every business may feel the switch is suitable for them. If you are wondering if your company should make the switch, Total Computer Solutions' offers a free Cloud consultation to ensure your decision is valid.

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