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5 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from a Cloud-Based Hosting Solution

By: Total Computer Solutions

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Cloud-based computing is defined as "the practice of storing regularly used computer data on multiple servers that can be accessed through the Internet." This essentially means that rather than rely on physical, centrally-located servers for storing data, organizations using cloud-based computing rely only on their internet connectivity and the servers of a trusted, external provider. This flexibility and maneuverability is a significant reason why cloud computing has become popular with so many companies over the past ten years. 

A cloud-based hosting solution is an especially attractive data storage option for companies with 5-100 team members. This post will examine five benefits of a cloud-based hosting solution, particularly for small- to medium-sized businesses. 

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1. Location Independence

When opting for a cloud-based approach, your team can access all data and applications posted to the cloud remotely. This means your team members stationed at alternate work sites have just as much ability to access your company's files as those at your home office. 

As small businesses continue to explore the benefits and cost savings of allowing their team members to telecommute, a cloud-based hosting system is an excellent option for location-independent teams. It maximizes the number of staff members with access to your company's data, no matter where they operate. 

2. Shift in Cost

There are some ways in which adopting a cloud-based hosting solution can help your company shift costs. These include (but are not limited to): 

  • Reducing on-site hardware: You will not have to rely on your physical servers as cloud computing is managed through a network. 
  • Scale down hardware maintenance costs: Your help desk and IT staff will not have to manage servers and will have more time to assist with troubleshooting issues with employee equipment and any other IT issues. 
  • Lower capital expenditure: Without having to buy and manage the maintenance of costly hardware, you can prioritize spending in other areas.
  • Get predictable IT spending: You can now adjust your IT budget based on your new cloud-hosting arrangement, freeing up IT funding for other areas in which you need it. 

From a hardware perspective, cloud computing moves many issues associated with inventory purchasing and management to your cloud provider. It lowers line items from your budget to help optimize your bottom line. 

3. Backup and Recovery

The versatility and flexibility of cloud-based hosting make it an excellent option for file backup and recovery as well as storage. Natural disasters, building damage, or other office mishaps that pose a threat to the safety of your physical backup servers are not an issue for cloud-based backups. 

4. Better Secure Your Systems

Partnering with the right cloud hosting consultant enables you to automate management and security that protects your data. This protects you from malicious actors attempting to access or corrupt your files. 

As with many newer and developing technologies, it is common to assume it may not have the same security as older, more traditional IT systems. This assumption is incorrect, however. One expert noted that cloud-stored data might be more secure than traditionally secured data

5. Enhanced Collaboration

Keeping all your company's files in a cloud-based solution allows your entire team easy access to all data. You can use the cloud as an online repository. Cloud-based hosting is great for teams that have a set of documents, reports, or training manuals they need to access on a regular basis. It is also a great option for document collaboration when multiple team members need to edit a single document. No matter the size of a team working on a project, cloud-based hosting offers solutions for enhanced collaboration that will lead to better deliverables. 

Whether you want to adopt a cloud-based data storage system or a hosted services, Total Computer Solutions has the answers for you. We offer both cloud and hosted service offerings. Let us work with you to determine the right fit for your organization. Call us at 336-804-8449 or fill out a form to schedule a consultation today!

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