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5 of the Best Apps for Small Business Owners

By: Alec Hider

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According to Pew Research Center, 77% of American adults own a smartphone. Many only use these devices for email, browsing the Web, texting, and games. Continuous technological advancements with mobile applications are rapidly showing smartphones and tablets are now useful for much more than those fundamental tasks. In fact, mobile applications are simplifying business operations.

Business owners today are always moving around. While software applications are more functional to employees, the convenience of accessing information quickly from a smartphone or tablet cannot be ignored. The best apps for small business owners, increase security with credit card purchases, filter spam calls or text messages sent to employees, improve communication within your company, and more.

  1. Applications such as Apple Pay,Google Pay, and Samsung Pay are built into every smartphone, but many are not taking advantage of them due to their perceived risks of storing credit data on smartphones. Paying with your phone is more secure than credit and debit cards since it is faster and does not require users to hand their card to a cashier, who could capture your information and compromise the card.Instead, there is a chip built into smartphones that randomizes security codes after every purchase. It is very similar to old key fobs used for accessing private information at banks. Also, paying with your phone eliminates the risk of someone losing a card after pulling it out of a wallet or purse to make a purchase.
  1. Small companies are often targeted by spam phone calls and text messages in attempts to steal information or launch attacks. Nomorobo will recognize when a robot sends a message notify users if someone is trying to contact them. The app received very high praise from PC Mag and is free to download. This appropriately named mobile application is a must-have for every business owner.
  2. Office 365 is a great tool to streamline communication among employees, computers and mobile devices. It provides easy access to most of Microsoft’s programs on the go, including the Outlook app which is easier to navigate compared to email apps native to iOS and Android. O365 assists users in quickly obtaining information and data without having to return to a computer or desktop as well. The product and its mobile app utilize the Cloud at affordable rates and is a more cost-effective option for business.
  3. Expensify makes filing expense reports while on the go much simpler. Users can take pictures of receipts accumulated when traveling and have those images linked automatically to their company’s tax software. Using this app eliminates the need to keep track of receipts until returning to the office and makes your accountant’s job less stressful.
  4. There are dozens of video conferencing apps out there. GoToMeeting will help your business complete meetings with large groups of employees and clients with ease, regardless of their location. It allows users to join meetings from anywhere, whether on a computer or mobile device, and creates a personal meeting room to eliminate outside distractions.

Mobile applications should not replace using a computer to complete business work due to their limitations of screen size and lower functionality compared to their software counterparts. However, they provide instant access to important data, which means these mobile applications and dozens of others are among the best apps for small business owners. The added convenience creates safer and more beneficial methods of completing work, especially when someone is away from the office often.

Is your business taking advantage of the convenience mobile applications provide? Want to learn more about the best apps for small business owners? Total Computer Solutions can guide you in the right direction with no obligation, just fill out our form here give us a call at (336) 804-8449.

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